Vendor List

**All gifts that are given by these vendors are full perm for CREATION/BUILDER use only.  They are not for resale.  They are not for repackaging.  They are not for donation or to be given away for free.  They are for Second Life use ONLY – not to be brought into any other virtual world.  By being a hunter in this hunt you agree to these terms.

Here’s what you are looking for:   The hunt object is a small evergreen (Christmas) tree with brown stump.

CCH #001  Christmas Lane –   I have a penguin friend and we love Christmas songs!  NEW STARTING POINT!!! Click Here for SLURL

CCH #002  SJP Textures

CCH #003  Tutorials 2 Go

CCH #004  Virtual Textures Mainstore – When you get to the store take the stairs to the 2nd floor (or use the teleporter at the base of the stairs instead) When you get to the 2nd floor youll find the gift in a warm and yummy place. Easy to find, enjoy! 🙂

CCH #005  Nympheas Textures@HomeGarden

Hint:  There was a good man named Claus,
Who helped the poor  and care for them.
Taught his reindeer to fly
So they took to the sky.

CCH #006  TexWorks

CCH #007  SR Leatherwerkx Flagship Store – note from Mandi — there are apparently 2 hunts going on here, both hunt objects start with CC and both are small trees, so it gets a little confusing.  The hunt object for this hunt will be CCH #007 NOT CC3 #30!

CCH #008  Textures by Corry & Night/Morph Photography – Behind the GREEN GOO… find the Christmas Tree that is right for you

CCH #009  Copper Sun Designs – It’s hiding with it’s fellow full permies

CCH #010  Peeps Fashion – Can you see the forest through the trees?

CCH #011  Treasured Cove Sculpts

CCH #012  K.O. Khan Omizu Textures

Hint:  Some giggles and some laughter,
A dash of Christmas food,
(Amazing how a piece of pie
Improves our attitude!)

Stir it all with human kindness;
Wrap it up in love and peace,
Decorate with optimism, and
Our joy will never cease.

Creative minds come one come all,
this gift of mine is down the hall,
exit the building and into the fair,
the prize you are after is sure to be there.

CCH #013  Wicked Innocence – is missing – please proceed to CCH #014 – Click here for SLUrl

CCH #014  GUHL Architecture

CCH #015  Ghanie Lane Sculpt Maps

Hint:  Touch sled and follow the hunt path with your arrow keys.

CCH #016  Kismet Textures – What’s new pussycat?

CCH #017  DAARK  Full Perm Lace & Textures – Where the red fern grows

CCH #018  Angelic’s Textures

CCH #019  Fortunas Creations – Where you find one tree, you might find others

CCH# 020  Mixed Nuts – has moved – Click here for new location – no hint needed

CCH #021  The Sculptorian

CCH #022  JSF & C2GO

Hint:  Normally our kind will tear these trees up playing with the ornaments and sharpening our claws..but we thought we would be nice this year and save this tree just for you 🙂

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Hugs to all

CCH #023  Earthly Delights

CCH #024  Reigning Realms Magazine

CCH #025  Mattie Rae’s Indigo Dreams

Hint:  No hint needed!

CCH #026  Textures by Ritana

CCH #027  VISIONS Gallery –   In the Sculpt Shop, which is next to the landing point. How many trees to make a forest?

CCH #028  Madville Textures – I’m almost comfy here!

CCH #029  Sek’s Eclectic Kreations

CCH #030  Texture Junction @ Clocktower Mall – Click for a prize every day, beneath this the little tree will stay!

CCH #031  K & Z Art

CCH #032  G-series* – It’s cold outside, better wear something warm.

CCH #033  Builders Brewery

CCH #034  Rose’s Supplies

CCH #035  GG Home & Garden

CCH #036  KizberlanDesign

CCH #037  Sculpty Republic – There are many trees but only one tree with the prize, If you smile and look down, you will see your path.

CCH #038  Aunty Prims & Couturier Fabrics – There’s a kitty in the Christmas window, but if you press your nose against the glass you can see the tree 🙂

CCH #039  The Sacred Roze @ Galleria of Glam

CCH #040  LL Designs

CCH #041  WildHeart Creations – out of hunt, please continue to Kittycat’s Creations:

CCH #042  Kittycat’s Creations

CCH #043  CNI Textures

CCH #044  The Lace Place Textures – this tree grows best in the shade…and with a sweet friend!

CCH #045  X-Clusives Animations

Hint:  Head to Seasonal and sit on Santa’s lap.  Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, you’ll find a couple of gifts there.  NOTE:  This is an ADULT sim.  If you are not age verified, please continue to CCH #046:

CCH #046  Sculptify Sculpt Solutions – It spins and spews, so give it a whirl

CCH #047  The Texture Source

Hint:  …am by my relatives..

CCH #048  Baroque Ethic Building Textures @ The Gangplank Pub


CCH #050  USC Textures / Hunters Paradise

CCH #051  Carla’s Sculpty Workshop

CCH #052  Not So Shabby! – I have a great view up here!  New Location:

CCH #053  Elegance Designs Boutique – new to hunt!

CCH #054  Timeless Textures

Hint:  Ironically, I stumbled over this tiny tree whilst searching for a Christmas Tree SCULPT MAP!

CCH #055  Fairy Unique Designs

CCH #056  TUi Edumart

CCH #057  Glides Gallery

CCH #058  LMT Celebrations/Christmas Courtyard – this silly tree is trying to disguise itself as a ribbon – but you know, it’s doing a pretty good job!

CCH #059  SB Wear – I’m All Grown Up Now….I am right in front of your eyes

CCH #060  JK Studio

CCH #061  :Rehatched: – I get high up on textures!

CCH #062  Bad Katz Textures@USC Texture Tomb – You’ll find this tree somewhere a cold tree would not usually be!

Maybe it wants to go live some place with palm trees and a beach?

CCH #063  Jabberwocky

CCH #064  Sylva’s Animation Factory – follow the footprints 🙂

CCH #065  Z@K Sculpt Maps

CCH #066  Textiles & Textures for Builders – Presents are best under a TREE.

CCH #067  OBVIOUS Full Perm Textures NEW Location:

CCH #068  Happy Hippo Building School and Tutorials

Hint:  turn left then left, or right then right…..that sculpted tree an awesome sight

CCH #069  Misera – I’ve been dropped too many times.

CCH #070  Capture Design

CCH #071  PanCakez@Dragon’s Rest, 2nd Floor – I’m a cute little tree hiding so snug,
nestled with friends and small like a bug.

CCH #072  Secret Textures – One must always keep files in order! It is a must. Placed behind the files is a hint of pine….

CCH #073  Limehouse Textures

CCH #074  Z Best Textures@Tsali – NEW LOCATION!

CCH #075  Bobbi Adder Designs

CCH #076  Klassy Kitty Designs

Hint:  In hopes that St. Nicholas, soon would be there.

CCH #077  LC Sculpts

CCH #078  Universal Textures Studio – Its stored on a shelf waiting quietly for Christmas Eve…. – note from Mandi – this is the correct place – the new LM doesn’t work:  this will- go into past notices and get the flight feather to get up there  🙂

CCH #079  es0’s Warehouse

CCH #080  =Flutterby= –   Can you see the forest for the trees?

CCH #081  AngelCat*s Full Perm Sculpt Shop

CCH #082  Chywe’s – The Whole Shebang – It’s close to the floor.

CCH #083  ~*SculptyliciouZ* – Fantasy Builders Kits

CCH #084   AngelCat*s Full Perm Texture Shop

CCH #085  RedPoly Brand – Browse through the vendors to find a clue, that will lead you to the gift.
Ah, do not forget to check out the desk for something helpful …

CCH #086  –A and S — Visions

CCH #087  Sick Bubblegum Textures – Tea for two or maybe four
My Favourite sitting place
Is at my texture’s store…

Find where I sit, and you’ll see the tree :D)

Have fun !

CCH #088  S. Town Sculpties

CCH #089  3DSLFX

CCH #090  Deep Blue Sea Designs – Leave no stone unturned in your search.

CCH #091  Amulet – In humble grace you find my place, this season is all about Love..:)

CCH #092  At Christi’s

CCH #093  Raven’s Heart – A lone tree stands among the stones

CCH #094  {ToRn}

CCH #095  TeKnoArtia – TKA – Beware the Bear!, They do not like people take their gifts.

CCH #096  Billy’s World

CCH #097  Purple Pixie Designs –  Textures of a feather flock together.

CCH #098  Qetra Design

CCH #099  Voltai – Look between my textures, perhaps near you’ll find your gift.

CCH #100  Dakota Touch

CCH #101  Healing Rayne – The wagon rests in winter, the sleigh in summer, the horse never.  ~Yiddish Proverb

CCH #102  F.E. Energy/Building Kits

CCH #103  Sweets Textures

Hint:  Up the stairs to the left, or is it up the stairs to the right?  Maybe it’s down stairs, Oh my I seem to have forgotten!  Wait,  look for the new items, and ask the gingerbread man!  He can tell you!

CCH #104  Dust Mainstore

CCH #105  Texture Ninja

CCH #106  Surface Textures

CCH #107  Madddyyy’s Christmas Market

CCH #108  Love My Textures @ Tsali Court –   This simple little tree likes to be next to its glitzy cousin



  1. […] Creative Christmas Hunt Blog […]

  2. 2
    Chic Aeon Says:

    Number 30 had no LM around 1 pm SL time. Glad I found this list 😀

  3. 3

    Hints, please…..more hints 🙂

  4. 4
    Chic Aeon Says:

    OK. Number 88 would be IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to find if they didn’t know these hints were here. Some changes would be good for the folks that follow this store. Just saying. Who on earth would turn on TRANSPARENT (and lots of folks have no clue how to do this) to find a prize vendor 😦

  5. 7
    Chic Aeon Says:

    Number 74 seems to have moved or closed. No texture stores that I can see here. Z Best Textures. Can’t find them in search either. Trying to move on.

  6. 8
    Rowena Paine Says:

    Finished! Thank you to all the participants for your holiday generosity.

  7. 9
    Joshooah Lovenkraft Says:

    That was an exhausting but excellent hunt. I’ll be unpacking and building for weeks. /me pets his poor bloated inventory. Thanks so much to all the generous creators.

  8. 10
    Sunshower Lane Says:

    Is there an offical cheat sheet, I love looking at the stuff in the store rather then just for a gift, I’m not very good at doing both.

  9. 11
    carrie aldrin Says:

    I finished this in 3 days. The prizes are amazing!!! I hope there will be another hunt of this kind. Thank you all so much

  10. 12
    Alley McNally Says:

    Lots of fun, did it over a few days. A few of these I couldn’t find, but thanks to this website I was able to continue. Hope next time is even better!

  11. 13
    Cady Enoch Says:

    I have a suggestion, which I have seen implemented in other hunts. If one of the locations is on an Adult sim, please include two LMs in the previous gift, so we can choose to bypass the Adult area. It would also be helpful to include SLurls on the blog. Thanks for a great hunt!

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