Welcome to the Creative Christmas Gridwide Hunt for Second Life!

This hunt is for creators of textures, sculpts, animations, gestures and/or tutorials to create holiday-related, full perm gifts for hunters.

Hunt will take place in Second Life from November 22-December 22, 2010.

NEW STARTING LOCATION:  Christmas Lane, Saint Pierre sim


**All gifts in this hunt are full perm for CREATION/BUILDER use only.  They are not for resale.  They are not for repackaging.  They are not for donation or to be given away for free.  They are for Second Life use ONLY – not to be brought into any other virtual world.  By being a hunter in this hunt you agree to these terms.



  1. […] Object:  Mini Evergreen Sculpted Tree Blog:  https://creativechristmashunt.wordpress.com/about/ Currently Accepting Applications:  Deadline November 1st (See More) Please fill out this info […]

  2. 3
    LilyAana Says:

    where is the new starting point ?

  3. 5
    Lilly Says:

    the SL URL of the shops participating would be nice. Not everyone wants all the gifts of all the shops as some are really crappy. Now we have to keep using search to find the good stuff and skip the shit because you were too fucking lazy to add SL URL.

    • 6

      Note to Vendors: Everyone stop what they are doing, stand outside your stores and wait for hunters to get there – ask them if they think your gift is crappy or nice. If they like it, please give it to them. If they think its crappy, you may throw it at them 🙂

    • 7

      Actually I’d like a list because I’ve just spent the last 4 hours trying to find the tree in one particular shop (Sweetwater Textures). No-one else I saw there had been able to find it either. And by not finding it that means I don’t get an LM to No.24 which effectively breaks the hunt.

      • 8
        Polenth Says:

        I agree with Edward. There are good reasons for skipping ahead. Sometimes a place breaks the hunt. Sometimes it’s just very hard to find the item. It’s often best to skip ahead and come back to tricky ones later, rather than spending ages searching and getting frustrated. Sometimes a shop’s too busy to search (especially the early locations when a hunt’s just started), so it’s better to go back later.

        Having to search for shops doesn’t work very well, as there’re always a few places that don’t come up in search.

    • 9
      Trini Brandi Says:

      Wow Lilly Harsh much ? well chew on this in response to your comment about some shops are really — to use your words– “Crappy”. The very fact your in this hunt tells me you build, so stick this in your hat and chew on it. “Karma visits us all – Only blameless lives have nothing to fear.”- Dahli Llama.

      I hope someday someone calls what you made “Crappy” to your face, and see how you like it. So there.

  4. 10
    margerita Oh Says:

    I can’t understand this claims awareness of some hunters. Remember: a hunt means, that shop owners work for you. They are creative, spend a lots of time and they give a gift to you. And i am sure, every shopowner likes his stuff and he is doing his very best. If it is not your taste: your problem, not the problem of the shop-owners and hunt-organizers.
    The only thing the hunters must do: search it and accept the rules. I think that is not too much for getting many faboulous gifts.
    and… btw .. :-)…. thank you for this hunt. I am not ready, but i found some nice stores until now, allways hints and i have fun.

    margerita Oh
    (sometimes also a hunt-organizer and gift-maker for several hunts)

  5. 11
    Christmas Hunter Says:

    Seriously? someone would complain about these wonderful gifts??? The gifts I have seen have been amazing! Its been a wonderful and fun hunt for me so far… and any glitches that have been experienced are pretty normal for a hunt.
    Thank you to all the participating stores and to you Mandi for putting this together!

  6. 12
    Tender Skytower Says:

    As a hunter and a hunt co-ordiator for another hunt group, THANK YOU. The organizers did an absolutely wonderful job putting this hunt together and the vendors put a lot of work into each and every item. Something hunters forget is that stores are not required to take part in hunts. They do it so people find out about them and because they enjoy making things. Stop whining and complaining hunters. If you want something different GO BUY IT! If you think you can do a better job then get off your lazy bottoms and go make it!

  7. 13
    Rachel Says:

    It would probably be nice to understand *what* the object is to hunt for.

  8. 15
    Lehlah Says:

    Store #41 WildHeart Creations gives the entire vendor list of landmarks to the shops (not URLS to the objects).

  9. 16
    gideon solo Says:

    To add….I’ve never been to Bleem’s before and see a lot that may be of use to me as a builder and store owner myself. Unfortunately I can’t continue the hunt since I can’t find the tree. Just to say, the purpose of a hunt isn’t to frustrate hunters, it’s to introduce them to new stores and products. A list of vendors with their hints would be a better way. That way the hunt wouldn’t get broken due to inability to find the item or lag.

    • 17

      Please note that the starting point is not Bleem’s but rather Christmas Lane – I would be happy to send you that LM inworld – it should be in all the hunt posters, group info and on this website!

      • 18


        Also, please don’t discourage others from joining this hunt with negative comments, it is certainly a different experience for everyone, depending on lag, SL factors, but mostly attitude. Please join the hunters group, they are a great bunch of people just like you and the majority are willing to help and even show you where the objects are, maybe even give you a cheat sheet 🙂

  10. 19
    angelicDevil Says:

    Hi all,
    Really new to hunts. I was told what great fun they are, but I guess I musn’t be doing it right 😦
    I’m confused as to where the start point is, I know what i’m looking for, but I guess the lag isn’t helping me as I can only find the tree on the poster, no others and this is in the first location. If someone would be so gracious as to help me on my first hunt, so i dont give up all hope, inworld name is angelic0devil sweetwater.
    Many thanks in advance *hugs*

  11. 20
    JustJack Harvy Says:


    Why r people so negative?????????
    Just have fun hunting anf trow away stuff if you dont like it.
    From me a thank you very much to all that gives us the gifts.

    Greetings and for all happy holliday’s

    JustJack Harvy.

    p.s. Phoenix viewer users im me inworld for a great tip for easy hunting.

  12. 21
    Siena Masala Says:

    I was astounded at the insulting comment to our organiser – thank you Mandiblanco for giving your free time to organise this Hunt.

  13. 22
    AllieKatt Says:

    1) To this day, I don’t think I’ve -ever- found a hunt gift (at least not from the hunt I was currently (at the time) participating in) at Sweetwater. On this particular hunt, I have not come across a single person who has. It’s very upsetting because when a item is just -impossible- to find, it actually makes me not want to -ever- buy something there. Otherwise, at other shops, I do try to buy whenever I can and truly appeciate the generosity of the shopowners.

    2) This is not the first time I have come across something like this on a hunt: The hunt item is placed so far inside another item and is nearly impossible (at least for me) to get at. Four tries and each time I almost bought the item it was inside for 300L, which I can NOT afford to pay for and would leave me almost completely broke (no, sorry, I do not have money to spare in SL). I am not going to mention the name of the store because I am going so far as to say that I feel like this is purposeful, -dirty practice- by the store owner, who I know for a fact has enough experience in SL to know that this can accidentally happen by many people just casually grabbing hunt items. I’m angry. (Will IM or notecard Mandi when I get back on SL)

    • 23

      Yes the problems at the first above-mentioned store – this will not happen again I assure you – I have had enough as well and this store will not be asked to join another one of my hunts. However, the problem was remedied in this particular hunt because it has been replaced…please see the blog for its replacement and I do thank the store who stepped in at the last minute to supply our hunters with another wonderful gift.

      As far as the second store you have mentioned, please do IM me about this in-world Thank you for letting know.

  14. 24
    Rowanessque Whitewood. Says:

    Wow, you would think they had to pay to hunt, and then I would understand why they gripe and groan.
    Its free, that means great stuff is given away free, honestly would you hunt for stuff in real life if you where getting free bargains.
    Would you complain almost definitely.
    Do you do the hunt justice no, you just make great creators give up doing hunts, and thats why the world is one moaning place because people forget that its FUN to look for something thats given freely and created perfectly.
    Don’t moan just play and if you have a genuine problem then please be polite in your reply.
    Please goes a long way to get what we want and yet its so out of fashion and Thank you goes a long way.
    Some positive feed back goes a long way. Thanks Mandi for putting this hunt together your doing a great job and your doing it for free and it takes a lot of time and effort to do it.

    So keep up the good work oh I found a lot of gifts because I was looking in the right place and the hints are perfectly simple and easy to find the gift but if I don’t find it I move on and I won’t gripe or moan about something being rubbish because beauty is in the eye of the beholder or in this case the creator.

  15. […] gestures and/or tutorials to create holiday-related, full perm gifts for hunters. Website: https://creativechristmashunt.wordpress.com/about/ Group: Creative Christmas Gridwide Hunters Group slurl: […]

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